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Zena Jewelery

Discover the Purity of Zena Jewelery

Jewelry that's Yours Essence Reflect.

Our collection has been carefully put together to make every woman shine. From timeless elegance to modern statements, Zena Jewelery enriches every moment.

Yara Bracelet

Embrace the golden glow of the morning with our 'Golden Dewdrop' bracelet. This elegant piece, which sparkles with the promise...

Angelica Bracelet

Discover the Amira Gold Bracelet, a piece of jewelry that effortlessly combines simplicity and elegance. The sleek gold bangle, embellished...

Victoria Bracelet

Enter a world of undeniable class with our Victoria Gold Bracelet, a masterpiece that captures the essence of luxury. With...

Rose Bracelet

Let your wrist dance with light and luxury with the Saida Silver Bracelet, a work of art designed to charm...

Zara Bracelet

Reveal a world of brilliance and grandeur with our Zara Gold Bracelet, a masterpiece that exudes class and sophistication. Each...

Saar Bracelet

Be enchanted by the radiant splendor of our Noura Gold Bracelet, a symbol of luxury and refined taste. Beautifully crafted...

Sofie Bracelet

Radiate a warm, golden glow with our 'Golden Sunbeam' bracelet. This enchanting bracelet is a symphony of light, with carefully...

Lillian Ring

Het verfijnde ontwerp, waarin mooie schakels worden afgewisseld met glinsterende zirkonias, creëert een harmonieuze symfonie van schittering. De glanzende zilveren...


The Giorgia Set is an example of luxury and refinement, consisting of a beautiful gold bracelet and matching ring. Each...


The Amore Ring is a beautiful fusion of traditional and modern design, made of shiny gold and inlaid with sparkling...

Mary Ring

The Maria Ring is a stunning piece of jewelry that combines the richness of white gold with the vibrant allure...

Yara Ring

The Yara Gold Ring is a stunning example of luxury and complexity, crafted with sparkling AAA zirconias carefully placed on...

Nadia Ring

The Nadia Gold Ring is a stunning display of style and brilliance, a piece of jewelry that unites the beauty...

Raja Ring

The Raja Gold Ring is a stunning piece of craftsmanship, combining the sparkle of AAA cubic zirconia with the timeless...

Clara Set

The Clara Rose Gold Set embodies modern luxury and feminine charm, with a seamless composition of sparkling AAA zirconias and...


The Safiya Set is a beautiful combination of elegance and refinement, consisting of a pair of earrings and a matching...


The Giorgia Set is an example of luxury and refinement, consisting of a beautiful gold bracelet and matching ring. Each...

Lucia Set
€34,95 €49,95

Experience the timeless charm of the "Lucia Set", presented by Zena Jewelery, available in both classic gold and elegant silver....

Carmen Set

Enter a world of subtle sparkle and timeless sophistication with the "Ethereal Elegance Ensemble" from Zena Jewelery. This jewelry set...

Melia Earrings

The Melia Gold Zirconia Blossom Earrings capture the essence of spring and radiate timeless elegance. Embellished with dazzling AAA quality...

Hazel Earrings

The Hazel White Gold Zirconia Square Earrings are an example of geometric elegance and sparkling luxury. Featuring a prominent square...

Mirelle Earrings

The Mirelle Gold Zirconia Leaf Earrings are an exquisite expression of natural grace and dazzling luxury. Carefully crafted in the...

Viviana Earrings

The Viviana Gold Zirconia Chandelier Earrings are designed to sparkle and awaken the senses, a true reflection of unprecedented grandeur....

Talia Earrings

The Talia White Gold Zirconia Stud Earrings embody a discreet splendor, capturing the essence of a subtle, yet remarkable luxury....

Liora Earrings

Meet the Liora Gold Zirconia Hoop Earrings, where elegance and brilliance merge in a design of pure indulgence. These beautiful...

Nyla Earrings

The Nyla Gold Zirconia Spiral Earrings are a radiant statement of artistic flair and refined elegance. Designed in a striking...

Liva Necklace

The Sofia Gold Necklace is a refined and minimalist piece of jewelry, perfect for the modern woman who values ​​elegance...

Fiona Necklace

The Fiona Gold Necklace is an example of subtle elegance and refined simplicity. The necklace, decorated with high-quality AAA zirconia,...

Noor Necklace

The Noor Gold Necklace is a beautiful expression of contemporary elegance, where strength and refinement merge in a unique design....

Loua Necklace

The Soraya Necklace is a shining example of modern elegance, mixed with a touch of classic charm. This necklace is...

Elise Ketting

The Elise Necklace, a beautiful creation in white gold and zirconia, is the epitome of luxury and refinement. This necklace...

Milou Ketting

The Jamila Silver Necklace exudes an irresistible charm with its delicate design and fine finish. A sophisticated combination of silver...

Isabella Necklace

The Isabella White Gold Necklace is a masterpiece of subtle elegance and impeccable taste. From a delicate white gold chain...


Super happy!

So happy with my new bling from Zena Jewelery! He shines non-stop. Also delivered quickly. Love it!

My compliments

A big compliment to Zena Jewelery for my amazing new ring. Elegance that does not go unnoticed.


Just received my bracelet from Zena Jewelery and I am completely sold. It's even more beautiful than I thought!

Beautiful in the light

Absolutely love my Zena ring. It sparkles beautifully in the light!

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Zena Customer
Sara K.
Zena Customer
Nadia H.
Zena Customer
Anouk W.
Zena Customer

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