Rose Bracelet
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  • Description

    Let your wrist dance with light and luxury with the Saida Silver Bracelet, a work of art designed to charm and seduce. This bracelet is carefully composed of beautiful silver, decorated with the most delicate cubic zirconia stones formed in a sequence of enchanting patterns reminiscent of blooming flowers.

    Each segment of the Saida Bracelet is an ode to natural beauty, with cubic zirconias arranged in flower-like figures that gracefully spread their shine over the wearer. The silver setting provides a warm backdrop that accentuates the clear cubic zirconia stones, creating a play of sparkle and shadow that seduces the eyes.

    Whether it is to add a touch of glamor to your everyday attire or to shine like a refined jewel on a night out, the Saida Bracelet is a versatile companion. It adapts seamlessly to any style, from elegant to casual chic. Please note that the unique shape and setting of the stones may lead to slight variations in size, which gives each bracelet its own character.

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    Vendor: Zena Jewellery
    Type: Armband
    Barcode: 8721154170105
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